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Few things for sale that I am not using and could use the funds for other purchases.  Prices include US shipping. 

Wolf Whiskers custom handle with Declaration B5 knot, I believe it is 26mm.  $225 SOLD

[Image: VMIDWBD.jpg]
[Image: LoUGzF8.jpg]
[Image: lmwTXwb.jpg]

Razorock SS DLC Lupo - $80 - SOLD

[Image: b8501Uc.jpg]
[Image: MzvvXME.jpg]

Tibam titanium handle, can't remember the name... $55

[Image: xv65ktu.jpg]
[Image: 3JVFsYh.jpg]

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What handle shape is that? I can't tell from those pictures.
Pretty sure it is the 1301 shape.
PM'ing you for the SS DLC Lupo

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