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All prices include shipping CONUS. I have included retail prices for reference, the retail prices do not include shipping.

Note*- I have not sold anything on this site before so I can't provide a reference. I have sold dozens of vintage razors on eBay before and have 99% approval (one jerk scammer is my only negative feedback). If you are interested in a purchase I will provide my eBay username in my response to your initial message so that you can see my reviews.

1. Castle Forbes Lavender Balm - 4.4 oz - 90% remaining.
Retails- $48
My price- $27
[Image: eafe8bdbe0c669abcfce22c5845f471d.jpg]

2. Castle Forbes Cedarwood and Sandalwood Balm - 4.4 oz - 90% remaining.
Retails- $48
My price- $27
[Image: f484151b6a42ecb96c65d1bbbfea2a7f.jpg]

3. PAA Sandalwood Splash - 98% remaining
Retails- $25
My price- $18
[Image: 2809575e6f9e12161cbaea71a5524946.jpg]

4. PAA/Razor Emporium King R. Emporium Splash - 98% remaining. (Unobtainum. Vintage type scent. Goes well with Barbershop soap I find).
Retails - $20
My price - $15
[Image: f6b4ddfa13a959026bd3d160ae319438.jpg]

5. Chatillon Lux Delor de Treget splash - 80% remaining.
Retails -$15
My price- $10
[Image: 86f573f833e418d70158745cc2715a45.jpg]

6. Sandalwood Splash - 95%remaining.
My price-$5(with other purchase)
[Image: 245079f03f65f2b32f82257cf6686fbb.jpg]

7. Lucky Tiger Aspen - 95% remaining.
My price- $5 (with other purchase)
[Image: ab883abb1795a3d92b700c869c77b009.jpg]

8. AoS Lavender Balm - 1oz - 100% remaining
My price- $5 (with other purchase)
[Image: 5d704ee68708e4c576c2da9466a91970.jpg]

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