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I’m letting go of some real beauties here. All are in mint condition. No flaws, no imperfections. Not looking for any trades unless a Paladin Bazooka is involved.

[Image: 3decca4b74f001df53761eba3a1bafcb.jpg]

[Image: a3bc219499ca063986bb2c3564d879e6.jpg]

[Image: b6d72c3efef7ad4b0d8ab0740532a028.jpg]

1. Paladin Chief 26 mm Harlequin 2CSLI4 knot code. Paladin quality speaks for itself ; exquisite brush. The chief is a classic handle. Card and original packaging available. Retail 180.00. Asking 135.00 USD SOLD

[Image: 3b6770e716bc127eea00dc002247c790.jpg]

2. Morris and Forndran 3XL 28 mm Finest Ebony - All Sabini.  Can’t say enough good things about this brush. If you like gel tips; this is the brush for you. Lots of hooked tips with firm backbone. I’m not the original owner but everything about this brush would indicate this to be a heritage knot; can’t confirm. Not sure what this would have retailed for but in keeping with the chart 235.00. I’m asking 195.00 USD shipped. SOLD PENDING FUNDS

[Image: 44ede7b9de880d326763a8138941fa95.jpg]

3. Last but not least. M & F L7 blonde badger 26 mm heritage knot. Rare brush. All Sabini. There were only a few of these made with this particular tortoise resin. This was from 2013 according to the previous owner. Very soft tips for a blonde badger. No scritch. Asking 195.00 shipped. SOLD PENDING FUNDS

[Image: 068ef2db9d190de40628f24f7419746d.jpg]

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Paladin sold. M & F sold pending funds.

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