WONDERFUL WACKER STRAIGHT RAZOR LIKE NEW used 1x. Paid $400+ I am original owner.
Genuine buffalo horn scales with distinct grain patterns
Hefty 7/8” blade applies the pressure for you
Spanish point for precision and detailed work
Elaborate etching of grazing deer
Blade Width: 7/8" | Grind: Extra Hollow | Scales Material: Buffalo
Inspired by the bold spirit of adventure, the Wacker Huntsman 7/8” Straight Razor is crafted with features that distinguish it from other straight razors. At first glance, it’s not hard to notice the striking black spine, shank and tang contrasting beautifully with the genuine blonde horn scales. This 7/8” carbon steel straight razor features a Spanish point with an extra hollow grind, making it ideal for intermediate to seasoned wet shavers. With such a sizeable blade face, the Wacker Huntsman 7/8” Straight Razor displays a calming scene of grazing deer. A beautiful etching for a beautiful blade. Free shipping Conus International shipping available
[Image: 390d6fc1f01756278e9ba03f74549033.jpg][Image: 1fc7046e25bc80dc693b9c6dcbd8028f.jpg][Image: 200e5a492e40559ec3ea5666847286aa.jpg][Image: f48f0ce7b2dffae8ab84ee474bc83a91.jpg][Image: dd751fb345da8374562670f7d9cab6a5.jpg][Image: 4664a69ca96f74507e04c2a0c737fab3.jpg][Image: 16ff9f3f0f9138b5093cb59aec377e7a.jpg]

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Great posting Andrew. The photos show the grind and material nicely. Great luck with your sale.

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Those scales are gorgeous and both sides match. The pics of new horn scaled straights all look really cool. What you get isn't what the pic looks like as horn is a natural material with much variability. With these, you would know what you are getting.

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