BEAUTIFUL BLACK BRUSH DAY!!! ARTESIA ROMERO Black Buffalo Horn 30mm 2 band Manchurian. Also a GEOFF ANDERSON 28mm Silvertip. Both exceptional brushes with good backbone and soft tips . Retail price of each is $175+ SALE PRICE $120. Both only used 2x, I am original owner. Free shipping Conus International shipping available [Image: acaacd99d2cee21f46f6992bd7ed1c5b.jpg][Image: 748f8421c146342607e352a96d9bfe08.jpg][Image: 9934b312a2945b74fdde55b84e046873.jpg][Image: c7e10abd6ba5ff2cd00dcbb747598ab2.jpg][Image: bf288cc5fe199df72c339d1b11e9d81e.jpg][Image: 13b5cd7f5341d65c610872c2ec970590.jpg][Image: 1bb8b06bbfc9ed7703257d09a3d65b14.jpg][Image: 4d2307c7549adad7b4d5e2cbfd5b524b.jpg]

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