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I have this remarkable Wolfman WR2 1.55 mm SB along with all original polishing cloth and packaging for trade.  I used it exactly two times.  (Since I have too many Wolfmans (Just kidding Wink), I want trade for a BBS-1 STAINLESS STEEL SAFETY RAZOR in good condition.  Please let me know if you have one and willing to trade.  I also have a Stork Darwin handle brand new.  Just used it one time.  You can get it here without the month long wait.  Looking to get $600. I can send more pictures if needed.  It is in pristine condition, no scratches or anything.

[Image: JGPdvOl.jpg]

[Image: nH7RXNk.jpg]

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Just to clarify, the razor shaves amazingly like other Wolfmans I have,  I just want to change my collection.  I am not planning on trading as it is not working for me or something like that.  It is absolutely a stunning razor which performs exceedingly well at all times and blade combinations!  I will add cash as appropriate for the trade.
Now selling.

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More pictures.

[Image: IQFjPlx.jpg]
[Image: QOD8HQw.jpg]
[Image: gmcOQe4.jpg]
[Image: 5FnqacF.jpg]
[Image: dhFbmGH.jpg]ok

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