Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

Please keep ALL pricing comments out of the threads. PM the user if you have an issue!

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Doing a little den cleaning...
Prices are pp g&s and shipped in the US.  International to cover exact shipping.
I would prefer to trade the Wolfman razor...

[Image: nnRSvAK.jpg]
Wollfman WR1 SB .54 basic polish w/Darwin handle - trade for other nice hardware GONE!
Wolfman basic polish Darwin handle - $160 SOLD!
Tatara Nodachi w/box - $140
H&S 075 w/aluminum plate w/box - $145

[Image: qQvhJju.jpg]

Marfin brush  Oumo knot 26mm- $95
Briar Brushworks Halloween brush w/silver stitches 30mm Oumo knot - $165
Briar Brushworks 28mm w/SHD knot - $150
Briar Brushworks 28mm w/SHD knot - $150

[Image: hZRDOCM.jpg]
Elite stone handle w/26mm Manchurian knot - $75
Romera 5th anniversary 28mm Manchurian, horn handle - $135
That Darn Rob Beer brush - $95

[Image: 6AyaMTO.jpg]
Wolf Whiskers 26mm synthetic w/box - $95
Paladin KC/London PK-47 Lee Sabini 26mm knot - $150
Paladin Battle of the Hives, Hive 6 Vintage Port w/card - $200

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