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Selling to finance some other purchases.Big Grin Lightly used and well taken care of!

I apologize for the pics up front... I am not a good photographer and you may see dust particals.

Prices include fees and shipping within the US. I will sell international, but will have to charge actual shipping.

Thanks for looking!

Wolfman WR1-OC .61 w/ Darwin Handle (Brushed SS) -  $550 - SOLD

[Image: 1a3QHUp.jpg]
[Image: BTfVgIB.jpg]
[Image: 4WQdAyB.jpg]
[Image: ETIzB5g.jpg]
[Image: dIVFuv0.jpg]

Wolfman Guerilla (Brushed SS) - $250

[Image: usKJPiS.jpg]
[Image: n5pWA6R.jpg]
[Image: ASWZlRL.jpg]
[Image: 7I8sdXb.jpg]

Asylum Evolution-Model T (Polished) - $150 - SOLD
(Used once)

[Image: CB4rqDA.jpg]
[Image: NXnEjBL.jpg]

Tatara Masamune (OC & SB) w/ Stand - $265
(Used once)

[Image: IjwWFWp.jpg]
[Image: yAMaR3e.jpg]
[Image: q4mFjEO.jpg]
[Image: 2QGWzAH.jpg]

Razorock Baby Smooth (Titanium) - $130 - SOLD

[Image: tcWf58o.jpg]
[Image: 0K1tU2w.jpg]
[Image: vd6v9Uj.jpg]

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Beautiful gear!

Great items, with GREAT photos (Look fine to me)!
I would never sell my bbs ti

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Saint Louis, MO
Was a BBS Ti for sale?
Nope...not selling a BBS-1

However, Wolfman WR-1 w/ Darwin Handle Sold....Thank you!
Hi, is the Wolfman Guerilla or RazoRock Baby Smooth still available?

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Wolfman Guerrilla and Tatara are still available.

Philadelphia, PA
please keep the prices listed in your ad, even if it has been sold.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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