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Good Morning,

Today I am offering these two items as a pair.  The brush is a 2011 Semogue Finest Bristle LE 2 with a number of 74.  I do not recall if I am the original owner of this brush as I purchased one from the vendor and a second one a few months later through a forum.  This brush has seen very limited usage and had not seen water for a long time until earlier this week.  

The soap paired with this brush is Blenheim Bouquet - tallow version.  The soap was purchased from Phil quite a while back and was never unwrapped by me.  It was not shipped with any other wrappings or box.  A faint smell remains with the puck and this tallow version is a fantastic soap that is super easy to load and lather.  IMHO a tallow soap leaves my face feeling smoother.

I do not have original prices and they are both out of production.

The price for the pair is $143, shipped CONUS to a PayPal verified address, including tracking.  Payment via PayPal.  Please no offers for trade or requests to split the pair.  

[Image: V0RASEE.jpg]

[Image: aaa98uu.jpg]

[Image: oby8F62.jpg]
That is a wonderful brush - one of my favorites!
Brush specs?
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(05-26-2017, 03:18 PM)golfhacker Wrote: Brush specs?

From my recollection with these brushes:
Knot = 26-27 x 56-57mm
Handle = 52-53mm
Total height = 109-110mm
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Pretty sweet dimensions.

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