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Hello Damn Fine Shave,

Today I am selling a wonderful brush that is a great specimen from Vladimir Ferdman. This is a gel tipped 3 Band High Mountain White Badger Brush from likely Chinese supplier. Bought from The Golden Nib years ago and this was about $60 or more at the time. The initials F and V are seen on the bottom side of the handle. Details of the turned foot ring are worth noting. I requested a shape resembling an Emillion / Rooney curvature. This is a "dymondwood” stock and finished over for water resistance on the finish is superglue. The colors shown in the handle are burgundy red, indigo blue, weathered yellow, and an beechy white. The handle is light weight and easy to move around and hold. Price on handle isn't available but this was limited rod stock that Vladimir had and I paid him at the time for two different turned handles in one transaction. Additional handle specs below:

Handle Height: 54.6mm
Handle Base Width: 35.4mm

Knot Diameter: 25mm
Loft Height: 51mm
Canopy Height: 24.5mm
Bloom Width: 71mm

Colors represented in the knot to my eye are a range of white and off white to grey at the tip tops. You can see through the sparseness of the density, the canopy section appears patchy. This is the darker middle bands of color appearing from the inner knot’s higher shaped hairs.

This is a very soft feeling brush because of the formation of hairs where the tips, gather together and join at the tips and curl. If you have never felt a gel tip badger knot before, it can sometimes be described using words like gooey or slimy. The way the water is held by the hair is a bit interesting but not necessary better. It comes down to your preference but there is no question that this will be one of the softest brushes you will ever feel.  Painting motions are favorable to feel the softest stroke across the skin. You can choose between applying at the tips on the skin to pressing deeper into the knots and taking advantage of practically full free loft.

To most people, this is what should be called a flexible and floppy brush.expect this brush to have The knot was set to that the exposed hairs would feel soft and also allow for great flow through and release of lather. This means the knot’s plug base sits higher inside the handle. The knot itself is not a very dense knot compared to other available badger knots. You should expect to feel very soft application of lather. The actual face feel to me will not be comparable to naturally tipped badger knots or synthetic (soft feeling) brushes.

I am happy to sell at the price of $65 shipped CONUS via paypal goods and services payment. If you are outside of the US, please message for shipping options. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Anyways, thanks for checking out my thread and I hope you have a great day.


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