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My once in a blue-moon sale. I know I am one of the few who stick strictly to vintage items. So as I hunt for rarities, I pick up some things to save them from obscurity in the hands of the unknowing. Prefer CONUS sales and PP as method of payment. I want to do a flat fee of $5.00 for shipping for all items and hopefully I won't take it in the shorts for the large lots. So buyers, be sure to add the extra 5 bucks to your purchases.
All razors have been sterilized and scrubbed and are in shave ready condition. (Except for the NIB Slim Smile

Also, the pictures are not necessarily in order with the listing. I try to be orderly, but I think you guys can figure it out. If there are questions or requests for more pictures, please feel free to PM me and ask.

Oh, and everybody reading this needs to PM Freddy and remind him how much of a great guy he is!
QCS Basilica  new never used or sampled $35.00

3 Latha soaps (partially used) $15.00

2 RR P160 soaps (possibly each test lathered?) $10.00

B&M Petrichor and Orange/ylang ylang  each partially used $15.00

Caties Bubbles Pomander and Fruit Loops. 8 oz tubs but a little less than 1/4 use. $10.00

McGregor Shave gift set $10.00 (I can discard the bottles/box etc if buyer wishes) Soap is in wood bowl, wrapped in cellophane, new, never opened.

Fuller, Eveready100, Eveready Badgerlon, Rubberset 163 in as found condition. The 100 looks usable as-is $10.00 SOLD!

Double Duck #5 $50.00 (Shameless plug, Doug Korn works magic with these. If I dont sell it here, he will be seeing it...) SOLD!

Two Schulton OldSpice bottles of talc, and one Gillette Sun Up bottle of talc. Each feel almost full. $15.00 SOLD!

Floid Blue. About 1/3 full. Can decant if buyer wishes. $35.00 SOLD!

Sudsy Soapery Top o The Morning. New unused/unsampled $12.00

Black Tie Balm Lil bit o Texas. Only sampled. $10.00

Blue Lady Gillette H4 $15.00

Super Speed Y3 missing end caps $10.00

Black Handle Super Adjustable O1. Near perfect $20.00 SOLD!

1929 Gillette NEW Long Comb $12.00 SOLD!

Gillette Slim G3 Functionally perfect. But unfortunately, some plate loss in the head. $10.00 SOLD!

New unused Gillette Atra  Y3 $10.00

New unused Schick Ultrex $10.00

Fine L'orange Noir  Opened but unused $10.00 SOLD!

Fine AB 2/3 full $5.00 SOLD!

Vintage Skipper ASL. Smells like a quiet demurred Pinauld Clubman without the punch in the nose. $10.00

Givenchy PI 1/2 full. $25.00

Cella ASl used once $10.00

Brand New, never used or opened Gillette Slim. Literally new in the box. I dont usually deal with museum grade items, but this one is it. The card and outer plastic has some wear, but the case and razor itself are in brand new condition. Forgive me but I struggled with the price on this. So I think $55.00 is a fair market value for an unopened Slim in it's original shipper. SOLD!

[Image: E3V0J3z.jpg]

[Image: 6sJw5LG.jpg]

[Image: yO5X9gc.jpg]

[Image: vMvsJY4.jpg]

[Image: ahnUyXp.jpg]

[Image: eJCUCbn.jpg]

[Image: e14D6nM.jpg]

[Image: o5Zv08c.jpg]

[Image: TRFJ4NF.jpg]

[Image: PWtRTWc.jpg]

[Image: fGVrWfo.jpg]

[Image: yJESaeC.jpg]

[Image: AVSagg8.jpg]

[Image: 8mZtaj0.jpg]

[Image: qso9ksR.jpg]

[Image: HLtNvoS.jpg]

[Image: 2GGXuND.jpg]

[Image: d3DvbLX.jpg]

[Image: iHAWKIV.jpg]

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B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
My personal B&Blexit
True irony
Any pictures of the dubl duck?
My mistake. Thought you meant the straight razor.
Pm sent

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$55 for unopened slim, amazing price.
Somebody is very lucky today.
Excellent prices

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Would have loved to have got that black beauty but of course I am to late. Oh well glad someone got a great deal.
Happy shaves

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PM sent
Some items sold, many still available.
B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
My personal B&Blexit
True irony
All soaps remaining. Take the entire lot for $65.00 + 10 shipping.
Take the remaining razors for $35.00 + $5.00 for shipping.
B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
My personal B&Blexit
True irony

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