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You probably already know what this is, but for those who don't: This is a fairly rare, early 1970's, Schick Platinum DE razor.  Highly unusual feature is that the doors open and close using the silver, ridged wheel on the handle neck.  

My understanding is that they were only sold for a couple of years and only in Europe.

This is in very nice shape.  The open/close wheel has some dents that are purely cosmetic.  

The case stays closed properly, but does have a part of one hinge missing so that when the lid is open, it moves around.

Everything is mechanically sound.  

Case and razor made in West Germany.

$85 shipped CONUS.  Not looking for trades thanks.

PMs only please.

[Image: UZriROq.jpg]
[Image: 9cOI0CW.jpg]
[Image: iXmzRrx.jpg]
[Image: qhbsgbS.jpg]
[Image: XWIQmmW.jpg]
[Image: nLmScb3.jpg]

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