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Hello my friends,

Today I'm selling off a vintage Plisson (my guess is 1970s/1980s) that I purchased (with a group of 3 others) earlier this year from a French dealer who had a large amount of NOS Plissons. This brush has been lathered 15 times prior to the listing to clean out the know and get the hair to present as accurate to being broken in. The brush was not personally used in any shaves by me but each time after use, it was conditioned using neatsfoot oil and microcrystalline Renaissance Wax. I am happy to include a bit of both the wax and oil with the purchase of the brush. There is no original packaging as it was very much beaten up during storage over the years and was simply some cheap and broken clear plastic. I Will ship via USPS with tracking and will pack it up with plenty of bubble wrap. The selling price is $120 which includes shipping costs and would be made via PayPal Goods and Services.

Note-Normally I include as thorough as possible a written review of the brush knots face feels but as this brush has only been cleaned, I can't provide a complete summary so please refer to the first video listed below the photos. I also added a shave video at the bottom which has the brother brush which shows the knot in use during a face lather if that helps at all. PM or comment if you have any questions.

Knot Diameter- 19.2mm
Loft Height- 53.6mm
Canopy Height- 19.4mm
Bloom Width- 50.2mm

[Image: lFCNXha.jpg]

[Image: oOwKL71.jpg]

[Image: mNblSpf.jpg]

[Image: opMHeq0.jpg]

[Image: nK2YILg.jpg]


After Soaking and Shook Out

[Image: 6fSyPx7.jpg]

[Image: FKn1iFy.jpg]

[Image: Ya5v6cW.jpg]

[Image: mm0ZrFh.jpg]


Loading SV Colonia

[Image: xgjBirD.jpg]

[Image: w4owsp0.jpg]

[Image: 9SgQ7HB.jpg]

[Image: Y8JohqE.jpg]

[Image: q9oJoX6.jpg]


Bowl Lathering

[Image: OjpbCch.jpg]

[Image: j4Cz7N8.jpg]

[Image: NW9dyKL.jpg]

[Image: vcJZlts.jpg]


[Image: mGpLDOC.jpg]

[Image: o357pv0.jpg]

[Image: 5tbXwu3.jpg]

[Image: i2jrEt9.jpg]


Lather Pull Out

[Image: PKKPEHp.jpg]

[Image: wQXA4gw.jpg]

[Image: lyWQRPq.jpg]

[Image: 5R4eRMA.jpg]


Rinse and Bloom

[Image: POQpAaZ.jpg]

[Image: BP6kMix.jpg]

[Image: AJGvjhF.jpg]

[Image: chGSK5D.jpg]

[Image: kIGPe76.jpg]

[Image: yhTSbeE.jpg]


Go to 3:05 on second video to see face lathering with the brother brush of the listed brush in use.

MODS, This item is sold but the listing is erroring out due to some image issue and I can't change the status to SOLD. Any help archiving? Thanks

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