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Normally I would spend hours sanitizing, scrubbing, and cataloguing each razor for sale but time ran out for me to do this. A few I have cleaned from previous non-sales but most are in as-found condition. All are operational and in user-grade condition. I have multiple Ever-Ready razor strops. Most have the same type handles as the razors. I don't know if that's how they came originally or not.
Preference will be given to anyone who wants to buy a "lot" of items. I can work up a pkg price and add shipping separately for that. But most people want just one or 2 things so that's why they are all itemized. But seriously, I want it all to sell, lot or not. If a buyer is on the fence about buying a particular item due to poor  or unclear picture quality let me know and I will try to PM you some better pics time permitting. Due to covid, the soap market on the BST is down but I can tell you the SS top of the morning and Bascillica are unused. Some of the others have already been ground into clown barf soap for shower duty.

CONUS only payment via Paypal
1 razor-$3
2 razors-$5
3 or more razors $8
1 soap-$3
2 soaps $6
3 or more soaps $10

Soaps and ASLs
Basilica by Queen Charlotte Shave (QCS)               unused Unobtainium               $25
Top O' the Morning by Sudsy Soapery unused                                                    $10
Fruit Loops and Pomander by Catie's Bubbles                                                     $5/tub (8 oz. tubs)
Razo-Rock P.160                                                                                                 $5/tub (each lathered once)
B & M Petrichor                                                                                                      $5
Vintage Mac Gregor Shave Soap               unused                                                 $5
Idzan Shaving Soap                                                                                             $5
RS Shave Balm                                                                                                     Free with any other purchase
Black Tie Little Bit O' Texas Balm                                                                            Free with any other purchase
Vintage Gillette SunUp and Slipper Aftershave                                                  $5/each
Vintage Men's Grooming Set                                                                                  $5
Givenchy Pi Men's Cologne                                                                                     $25
Cella ASL                                                                                                                $10
Vintage Brushes
RubberSet 49-3                                                                                                        $10
Certified 3 and Certified 4                                                                                            $10/each
Double Duck 4  (looks new/unused)                                                                           $30
Ceramic shave mug and scuttle                                                                                 $15
Stroppers and Razors
Ever-Ready Stropper in Vintage Box                                                                             $10
Vintage FoldABrush Shave Kit w/Gillette Old Type w/obligatory cracked handle               $15
2 - travel razors (one w/case, one w/o)                                                                           $10
2 - Lady Gillette razors                                                                                                    $10/each
EverReady Gem SE 1912                                                                                                $5
Ever-Ready Shovelhead                                                                                                   $5
Gillette Rocket (no endcaps)                                                                                              $5
Gillette Fathandle Tech                                                                                                       $10
Choice of three - Gillette Slim razor                                                                                    $35 a piece         
Gillette Fatboy                                                                                                                   $45        
Gillette Blackbeauty                                                                                                             $35
Gillette Ball end Tech                                                                                                            $10
Gillette New head on broken Old Type handle                                                                   $5
Gem MMOC                                                                                                                        $5
Choice of Ever-Ready Strop                                                                                              $5
Pair of no name brand vintage tech type razors                                                                 $5 for both
Ultrex razor handle (uses Atra blades)                                                                                   $5
Ever-Ready Safety Corn Knife                                                                                             $5

[Image: LFuWaUV.jpg]

[Image: Cnozkfx.jpg]

[Image: z0FEF9B.jpg]

[Image: KUMvcWG.jpg]

[Image: ZcAbfeb.jpg]

[Image: 452SzXe.jpg]

[Image: 8KfO8a3.jpg]

[Image: y5r1bjO.jpg]

[Image: eXrctmX.jpg]

[Image: u7DqbtN.jpg]

[Image: xkCwyQE.jpg]
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[Image: 5eMTkq2.jpg]

[Image: J05oBlU.jpg]

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B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
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Travel razors, Black Beauty, and fold a brush travel razor and case sold.
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Dubl Duck #4 shave brush sold
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Triangle slot Ball Tech sold.
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