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Hello Folks!

Looking to thin things out again. Any sales amount to $30.00 or greater will include shipping. Below $30.00, please add $5.00. CONUS only.

GEM MMOC (Delta Echo) - $65.00 (includes box) - SOLD
GEM Clog-Pruf (Delta Echo) - $65.00 (includes box) - SOLD
Timeless Bronze Open Comb (.78mm) - $110.00 (includes box) - SOLD
Semogue OC Boar - $20.00

MLSW Jefferson Square Soap AS - $15.00 (roughly 55% of each left) SOLD
B&M Seville EDT & AS: $30.00 (AS 85% / EDT 95%) SOLD
PAA Aqua Dulce de san Augustin: $10.00 (used once)
B&M Night Music EDT: $20.00 (95%)
Chatillon Lux: Colonia Balsamica (50%) & Delor de Treget (90%): $20.00 SOLD
Clubman Reserve Brandy Spice: I'll throw in with 1st purchase PIF'd

I'm happy to send additional pictures of any items as well.


[Image: GMM8pgp.jpg]
[Image: av1gItt.jpg]
[Image: mI0WWDi.jpg]
[Image: JtE4QBJ.jpg]
[Image: AkJNr67.jpg]

Trotter Handcrafts
Bellingham, Washington USA
I’ll take the Chatillon Lux Aftershaves and Mickey Lee set

Pm sent
Price drops on remaining items

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