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San Antonio, TX
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1) MdC Original (lightly scooped a couple times) $32 shipped **SOLD**

2) Cooper and French Soap/balm (both sealed and unopened) $28 shipped

3) Fine American Blend (used 2×) $21 shipped

4) Blackship Shipwreck Cove soap (used a few times) $14 shipped

5) Tallow+steel Madagascar Set (used 2-3×) $32 shipped

Prices are PayPal G&S
Included shipping amount is CONUS only. If you live beyond that, please Inform me before a deal is reached.

*Please NO TRADES*

[Image: aW7io3H.jpg]

[Image: t3ix4jZ.jpg]

[Image: tVDow2N.jpg]

[Image: luMfi3o.jpg]

[Image: we7b7jt.jpg]

[Image: crY1MVG.jpg]

[Image: DXfpvN9.jpg]

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