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Did not want to let these go, but need the funds:

Both razors are in VG condition. $125 +$5 shipping each, [s]or $240 and free shipping for both.
Totai Mandarin now $115 $105 + free shipping

Ever Ready Streamline Razor complete with green rectangular case

[s]This razor is in near mint condition with just slight brassing at the edge of the blade stops. Spring is strong and the case is complete with the two blade holders and vintage blades. No cracks on the case.

Totai Mandarin Roller Guard Razor complete in case

This is the French version of the Henckels Max razor which was a Rapide with rollet guard. The French version has fixed blade guides on the side and a spring loaded blade stop in the back, similar to the early French Hoe razors. Kit is complete with blade stropping handle and one Totai wedge blade. I cleaned and honed the blade, but will not guarantee it to be shave ready. It can take a regular Gem Blade. The case is in good condition with parts of the inside cloth starting to come apart at the edges and outside case with a couple of small areas where the cover is torn.

Send me a PM for any questions.

CONUS only shipping. PayPal only.

[Image: oEDE5FX.jpg]
[Image: GrgUt6K.jpg]
[Image: Ki9DkwC.jpg]
[Image: w4Gzgy3.jpg][/s]

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Streamline sold.
Price drop on Totai Mandarin
This rare piece of history and a smooth shaver is still available.
Final price drop before it goes back into storage.

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