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Timeless stainless steel "stubble-scraper" head. (posted for sale on other sites)
Polished SS Scalloped top cap
Polished SS Scalloped .68 baseplate
Matte SS Open-Comb .68 baseplate

Retail $290. My-price $220 or £172 GBP for all, or $160 (£125 GBP) for scalloped head set (2 pc) and $80 (£63 GBP) for OC plate.

All items ship from the UK.
UK/US/EU postage included in all prices. Payment by PayPal (G&S fees included). Deals to be negotiated on multiple buys.

[Image: 1681634c4384f282fa0fcc80dab89980.jpg][Image: 26112230a97a7f4e7808496286d41934.jpg][Image: 4938747a599e9838b5c22f49270a1e40.jpg]

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