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This is a beautiful polished stainless steel Timeless razor and stand, featuring a 0.68 scalloped baseplate, smooth top cap, dimpled handle, and stand.....all in mint condition and purchased by me as a first quality set (no scratch & dent).

Very lightly used, and has been cleaned and sterilized. Comes in the box with everything pictured.

New retail is $270, scratch & dent price for the set is $210. I am asking $200 $180 $150 shipped to CONUS SOLD

[Image: qT8yvr9.jpg][Image: lk4fYr8.jpg][Image: so1J9VL.jpg][Image: TweuEx7.jpg][Image: LLp9ySJ.jpg][Image: raKQphy.jpg]

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Southern US
Big price drop to $180.

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Southern US
Ok, I may be losing my mind but I am dropping the price on this like-new full set from Timeless to a fire sale price of $150 shipped to CONUS (add $10 for west of the Mississippi). That’s $120, or 44%, off the new retail price. All parts here were acquired by me as first quality (no scratch & dent) and are in mint condition. I’ll give this one week to sell, after which time I’ll pull the listing until sanity returns to the razor world.

Thanks, all, for looking!

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That is such a great shaver. Love mine.
I will take it.

Southern US
SOLD! Thanks for all the interest, guys.

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