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I bought this handle for my Blackland Vector, but while I was waiting for it to arrive, I found one that I like even better.  
It is 76 mm long, 12 mm wide, and weighs 23 g.  With this handle, the razor weighs only 40 g, instead of 77 g with the factory handle.  
It is also much more maneuverable.  The handle cost $60.00, plus 38 days shipping time from Russia.  Yours for $50.00 shipped CONUS only.  
Only the handle is up for sale.  The razor head is only for show.  Of course this handle will fit any razor you like.  Thanks for looking.

[Image: bA9PU11.jpg][Image: li5rHLe.jpg][Image: VMgPNd3.jpg]

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Seattle, WA (USA)
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Seattle, WA (USA)
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I know tibam does good work. I got one for my wr2 and really like it.

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I have a TiBam titanium handle and really like it.

Are the threads on this handle and the Blackland Vector unique and not fit other razors/handles?

Seattle, WA (USA)
To answer your question:
The threading on both the Blackland Vector razor-head and the Tibam titanium handle are universal.
The Tibam handle will fit (almost) all razor heads, and the Vector head will fit on (almost) any handle.

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