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PRICES DROPPED! Since most items have sold, I'm listing the remaining items for individual sale instead of the original bundle deal.

Prices include worldwide shipping from Southeast Asia.

Shipping times can be unpredictable - around 2 weeks is normal, but longer is not uncommon. Add $15 for express shipping, which takes 3 - 10 days in my experience. Any shipping delays are out of my control, but I've never had issues with items arriving safely.

Thäter 4125/1 24mm 2-band fan: $75 shipped
[Image: erxjusb.jpg]
[Image: Bp8oS78.jpg]

Karve A base plate: $20 shipped
[Image: 2FgulEN.jpg]
[Image: 073cgCJ.jpg]

Extra Add-ons:
Feather Popular ($5 free)
Random synthetic from Amazon (free) - Super soft, little backbone, but still can whip up a good lather
AOS small brush stand (free)
WCS leather razor case (free)
[Image: c4IheAY.jpg]

Sold items:

Wolfman Guerrilla: $190 ($195.81 for US buyers, $198.66 outside US) SOLD
Declaration B5 Washington ($195) SOLD
Declaration B5 24mm on G_huck handle ($220 $210, so $216.58 Paypal G&S) - Resin and purple heart wood. Higher loft than the Washington with a nice splay. WITHDRAWN
Declaration B6 26mm on custom Elite Razor handle ($240 $230, so $237.18 Paypal G&S) SOLD
Charcoal Goods Lvl-2 Antique Brass ($220, $226.88 Paypal G&S) SOLD
T+S Kyoto set ($60) - Used 3 or 4 times. Some water wrinkles in the side labels. SOLD
T+S Shiva's Cognac set ($65, so $67.25 Paypal G&S) - Described as 95%+ when I got it. Used 2-3 times. Less than 100 of these were made exclusively for a French shaving forum.
Sudsy Soapery Sandalwood & Myrrh set ($25 $22, so $22.97 Paypal G&S) - Used twice. SOLD
Eufros Fougere set ($45) - Still at least 95% remaining. SOLD
Karve A and B plates ($50 $44 or $22 each, so $45.62 or $22.97 Paypal G&S) B plate SOLD - They arrived with some patina spots that I haven't bothered to polish out, shown in pics.
Timeless .95 SB plate in matte finish ($50 $45) SOLD
Yaqi 24mm Silvertip ($15) - Base of the handle is slightly slanted, shown in pics. SOLD
Maggard 24mm synthetic ($5 free) SOLD
Rockwell 6S razor stand (free) - Free cuz it was a gift. SOLD

[Image: GapyaGt.jpg]
[Image: qm6P4LE.jpg]
[Image: MV6JR8J.jpg]
[Image: HzRUt07.jpg]
[Image: X9iSK9I.jpg]
Dropped a bunch of the prices, and some more things are now free for add-ons. Still a lot of great stuff up for grabs!
Shiva's Cognac, Timeless plate, and 6S stand are sold.

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Bump. FYI all packages so far have been received in 2 weeks or less. Hit me up!
Charcoal Goods, Sudsy set, and Maggard synth are sold.
Guerrilla, Thater, and Karve A plate are still available. Pictures added, and now listed for individual sale. I can combine shipping to drop the total if you buy multiple items.
Guerrilla has sold. Now only have the Thater brush and Karve A plate. Make me an offer if you're interested!
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Prices dropped again on the Thäter and Karve A plate. I'm also open to full or partial trades for any of these:

Karve D SB plate
Karve 3" handle
ATT Calypso SE1
T+S sets: Boreal (V2), West Indies (V2), Rainforest, Classic
T+S Morocco soap
Prices dropped - Thäter is $75 shipped and Karve A plate is $20 shipped.

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