Hello! My name is Lauren. My father has collected many soaps and aftershaves over the years, and he's letting me sell part of his Shave Den (150+ soaps and 150+ aftershaves) to raise money for college. None of the following products have been used more than a couple of times (if at all). All prices include shipping (USPS). CONUS only please.

Himalaya - $29
Boreal - $29
West Indies - $29
Rainforest - $25
Maya - $29

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Hey there. Not sure why none of the older guys haven't said anything but everything except the Rainforest can be bought new for $24 at Maggards. Most of us have Edge shipping (free) or buy enough for free ship. The reason you aren't getting many bites is because the prices are $5 more than retail for a used soap.

Except for Rainforest expect to have to come down to $18-$22 shipped to move those soaps.

You also said you have matching aftershaves. May want to sell what you can as complete sets.

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^What he said...for pretty much all of your listings.

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- Jeff
Someone said it. Whew. I was trying to be nice not saying anything.

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i think it's just a middle-aged guy named kurt. he knows what he's doing. and it's working marvelously.

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You mean the guy who used to go by gregkw1?

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If this is a masquerade, shame on the seller. It's unfortunate that we may have a less than honest member.

And condolences to those on this forum who are forthright.

I Lauren is genuine, she'll take the advice offered and make appropriate price adjustments.

Me, I try to transact with those I feel I can trust.

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Twin sister?


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Yes that is my twin sister Ashley. I apologize for not knowing the market, my dad didn't give me really any guidance beyond the original price he bought the soaps for. Thank you for the advice on pricing. I'll work to adjust them over the next few days when I have more time.

Why not just ask your father, I am sure he would know.

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