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Was going through my "stuff" and need to either move this "stuff" on to someone who will use it or toss it. I do not believe there is anything exotic about this lot. If there is....my loss is your gain!

The small razor with the tiny handle is a Gilettee travel razor. The other two razor heads I have lost configuration control of..meaning I forgot what they are. HAHA!
The AOS Sandle wood (Large Bottle) is approx 1/3rd full and I am unsure on the small bottle....to be conservative I'd go with half. Everything else for the most part is new or maybe used once.

I am asking $35 for everything. Heck, shipping will probably run me $15...the box is not light!

First Private Message gets it.

Thanks for looking

[Image: yDFzFSO.jpg]
[Image: pJvRbtg.jpg]

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