Thinning the den a bit, up for sale are a few straight razors that aren't seeing much use. All are honed and only need to be stropped. Prices include CONUS shipping.  PayPal only.

Brian Brown 6/8 Barber's Notch - $175. Purchased new earlier this year. Still has a nice edge from Brian. That belly grind looks weird in the pictures...

[Image: QgCnxKb.jpg]

[Image: 9ztKqcR.jpg]

Portland Razor Co. Siren 6/8 - $110. Purchased new with a good factory edge.

[Image: kVzslg4.jpg]

[Image: Wmal3kC.jpg]

Boker King Cutter 5/8 - $95. Got in a trade this year. I rehoned it with a Chosera 1k - superstone 12k.

[Image: OFCTR4u.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

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