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I've been mainly shaving with my favorite razors recently (which are classic cobra and wolfman SS), and haven't touched these in a while.  
Time to let them go.

From left to right
V1 stainless steel DLC stealth(black with slick DLC coating) (perfect coating unlike others you see)
V2 aluminum stealth (silver, kiyara)
V3 aluminum stealth (black)
V4 aluminum stealth (black)
First generation Baby smooth aluminum
last but not least, This was released about 4-5 years ago, but forgot the name. Aluminum made, comes with a stand.


DLC stealth - $210 shipped
V2 kiyara - $175 shipped
V3 black stealth - $175 shipped
V4 black stealth - $190 shipped
Baby smooth $40 shipped
The other razor  - $35 shipped

If you buy more than one, will give you combined shipping discount of $5 per extra item.

Thanks.[Image: QUwkEBA.jpg]

Seattle, WA (USA)
The one on the far right is called the Standard Razor.
It's black anodized aircraft grade aluminum, with a stand.
It shaves like a Merkur 34 or a Mühle 89. At $35 it's a good deal.

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Someone on Reddit just posted looking for that black standard razor. https://www.reddit.com/r/Shave_Bazaar/co...h=e99fbfe8
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that's right. It's a standard razor. I haven't touched it for so long i forgot the name.


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