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Hello all,

Some might have guessed with my wording that the Morris & Forndran set that I bought wouldn't be staying together long, and you were correct. I always regretted not keeping the largest brush from this set, and had the chance to remedy that. It would be nice to keep them together, but all things must come to an end. That doesn't mean I won't give it one last chance, however, to keep what I can of the set together. Since I can't ship today or tomorrow I'm going to give until Friday morning to see if anyone wants to purchase these in pairs of 2, in 3, or all together if by some random chance. Those who purchase more will get priority. Otherwise by Friday morning it's free game for these to go to loving homes where they'll be enjoyed. Just let me know what you want and I'll keep track.

Brush specifications:


Prices for the Brushes are:

24x46 ($190)
22x42 ($170)
20x40 ($150)
18x38 ($130)

No trade offers please. If I can answer any questions you have, please let me know. Thanks.

[Image: gBwXY9R.jpg]

[Image: YTILtNi.jpg]

[Image: OvAJJ7G.jpg]

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22mm Stubby is pending sold. All others open and free game!
The 24mm and 22mm Stubbies are now sold. 20mm and 18mm remaining.
20mm and 18mm remain. Let's try to add some incentive in selling these.

I've got 4 Simpson brushes I will cut the retail price on 40%. These are brand new, never been used brushes. I used the WCS retail prices as a comparison.

1 Simpson 57 Best ($69.48)
2 Chubby 1 Best ($76.50 ea.)
1 Duke 3 Pure ($51) Note: You can buy this at $76.88 last time I looked direct from Simpson, or for 58.95 pounds shipped. Only way you're going to get this brush, so the 40% off here is from my price of $85.

Only catch is you need to buy one of my little brushes to get one of the Simpson brushes 40% off.

For a little info on the Duke 3 Pure, this brush looks excellent. I've been tempted to keep it for myself too many times to count. I have felt the tips with my fingers, and this is excellent pure badger. It looks and feels similar to an Eagle 3 Pure I have. Pure doesn't keep as much water as the higher grades, and as long as the tips are not cut it is very soft. Not as soft as Best or Super, but much more than you would expect if you've ever experienced a pure badger with tips that have been cut.

[Image: Yn0b2Aq.jpg]
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A bump and an update. I sold both Chubby 1's, so only 2 brushes to choose from. No price drop for right now. Not sure if I will considering the rarity of finding these small gems.
Been really busy to post an update. I will do a one time price drop for the remaining two small brushes. I'll consider trades as well for brushes and razors. Prices for the 57 and Duke 3 remain in effect if you want to buy one of those along with the smaller ones.

M&F 20mm - $125

M&F 18mm - $105

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