I am a Damn Fine Shaver !!!
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Kent Infinity Silvertex Synthetic Shaving Brush - $24.99 at WCS. A few years old, very clean, nice condition. I always liked the handle. Brush is very soft. I've never had a problem with any soap and my goto is MWF. Creams & croaps are easy. This synth was a big improvement in its day but (imho) not the equal of today's best synthetics. I shouldn't say 'equal', it's different and still a nice brush to have in a pinch or for travel or backup. Original plastic box not in great shape but the brush is !!!

Colonel Conk Santa Fe Shave Cup #111 - $22.99 at WCS, but honestly, this can be found online (with the Amber Glycerin Soap) for about $15.00. The Soap included here is a few years old but unused and still good. The bowl, I should say cup is really (seriously) really very nice for what it is. The condition is indistinguishable from new. It will be securely packed. Guaranteed to arrive intact. Smile

West Coast Shaving Natural Collection Rosewood & White Ash Razor Handle. Model 37WS - $16.98 at WCS. This is new & unused. New as in, 'has never had a razor head attached to it ever before'. Personally, I've taken to using the WCS model 38W on my Feather AS-D1. I think these handles are terrific. I like a longer handle. This length allows a variety of different grips a short handle can't provide. These handles are super light (about 38 gms.) allowing a handling precision that can't be had with considerably heavier metal handles. Personally (speaking for myself), I'm not of the school that says, "no pressure, let the weight of the handle do the work". I think differently. The head does the work. BBS is about precision in technique and 'feel'. A light handle allows for that precise feel of pressure that's often needed in varying degrees. Despite lack of knurling, the wood provides a fine grip, even with wet hands. Soapy hands, not so much. If you're a gent that would never consider a handle like this; who thinks a DE razor handle needs to be a thick, knurled and all metal, you might reconsider this as an interesting & worthy addition to your shave den.

Five - 5 packs of Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor Blades.

Sold as a package (to save on shipping). Paypal, ConUS - $40.00 - Shipped to your door.
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