Goal is life today is ebonite brush. I also like shorter brushes. Tomorrow could be a different goal - buy today

Mervyn Cadman 24mm HMW: $80. Soft tips and better for painting than scrubbing
Tony Forsyth 24mm Rainbow Falls handle Tuxedo $45. Nice brush and original packaging
M&F Brad Sears: 26mm Blonde Bager $130. Unique blue and orange stripes. L7 handle
Iain Crichton (IC Shaving) $30. Big boy and handle approx 73mm, 24mm. One of only 2 made

(If you need brushes - $225 for all 4 brushes)

Original owner and the bargain price includes shipping

[Image: c3TUjbB.jpg]
[Image: f1Bgjw1.jpg]
[Image: zSVA4NE.jpg]
[Image: 0UrJUnm.jpg]

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