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Rocnel 2019 Sailor Series LE Adjustable Razor with leather case
I paid $490 SALE PRICE $450. I am the original owner and it is in like new condition. They're all sold out.
The Sailor Series adjustable razor. The 2019/20 Limited Edition weighs in at 146g and has an 85mm handle. The adjustment mechanism is a continuous adjustment (no set clicks) so that you can dial it into the exact level of aggression that you desire. It is marked with an M and an A (for aggressive and mild) so that you can get your bearings but in reality, you can actually go two full turns past A if you are feeling especially adventurous. 
Machined out of 316L Stainless Steel, the Sailor Series razor actually consists of 10 Separate machined parts. The machining is excellent and, the razor is built to last a lifetime. Only 100 Sailor Series razors of this design will be made. FREE Shipping Conus.
[Image: d02534159c8c56af80a773f6cfdb7d32.jpg][Image: 38d81eb4b61598fee5f0fa0f49581918.jpg][Image: 1e1480f4c15f0899b3dddb49bb2b9244.jpg][Image: b437675a44691164949b679156125585.jpg][Image: bf38473c2bb70f4f9448e1a62caea19a.jpg][Image: ffd11aef0a0228dc54fc6f6d5237078c.jpg][Image: 3c0159ff3957868021ccbb4dbf12fc49.jpg][Image: 845d2213f51c7ca4c9a79418513f59c3.jpg][Image: b292513a1cc52816bbd8e30cda986b64.jpg]

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Thanks DFS. The razor has SOLD!!!

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