BEAUTIFUL HONE 15 & 15A RAZORS. Each sold individually retail price for the Hone 15 $200 Sale Price $165 retail price for the Hone 15A $120 Sale Price $90 Free shipping Conus International shipping available
The Type 15 geometry was created from scratch, focused on achieving a great shave quality and feel whilst producing a modern and clean interpretation of a double edge safety razor.  CNC MACHINED
Each Hone razor is CNC machined giving supreme control over tolerances. Machined components have an inherent quality and the sculpted and finely textured surfaces of the Type 15 provide good grip all over the handle even when wet and wont corrupt the feedback from the razor.
Type 15 is made from solid Brass which offers great thermal conductivity, substantial weight and a unique changing finish.  The surface on your new razor will mellow and take on a unique patina for every owner based on their habits. It will deepen with age but areas with heavy contact will burnish and shine.
The Type 15a is an aluminium adaptation of the award winning Hone Type 15 razor. Fully CNC machined the geometry of this three piece razor has been adjusted to match the properties of this high performance yet lightweight material.
Offering a compelling combination of comfort, closeness, and agility, the Type 15a is a great addition to the Type 15 range.  
Mild and efficient
The aluminium version of the Type 15 provides a great mild shave whilst remaining efficient. Weighing 68g the 15A is very maneuverable and forgiving to use and makes a great approachable everyday double edged safety razor.  
[Image: 313d0152fd67c4b53efa1a1fc984664f.jpg][Image: 61e79343c8c52bbc2c66e3d5bed1c3ba.jpg][Image: 5e0675738cca4923e1a1075a4b44b3f4.jpg][Image: 4ba7c889ba488613162d5fcaca4a09dc.jpg][Image: e124a67b30dca853164fa4eacb6308de.jpg][Image: 2a8f6e8f6f4c9ab5b1914d5ef2861d18.jpg][Image: cf2a6c08356d13ae91b55c1faa2ea1e2.jpg][Image: 7c4ea0f51b15472e5daf93888ee0b9c8.jpg]

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