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[Image: ATFE5IX.jpg][Image: 04ycXy2.jpg][Image: wv7wNch.jpg][Image: OmETE49.jpg][Image: TOiUn53.jpg][Image: dqgN8Aj.jpg][Image: jBjc0xw.jpg][Image: zeeUA0e.jpg]For sale prices include CONUS shipping 
Caties Bubbles Vintage S.E.R.F set used 1x Aftershave is full *** SOLD***
Talbots Shaving Winters Refraction set used 1x Aftershave is full $35 
Talbots Shaving Island In The Sun set used 1x Aftershave is full $35 
Florida Key Lime Barbershop set used 3x soap is 90% full aftershave is full $35

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