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Multiple items shipped free. One item Standard USPS shipping add $6.00 

Feather ~ WS-D2S Safety Razor in Stainless Steel And Wood ~ New ~ $295

Wacker ~ 6/8 Straight Razor "Chevalier" both sides engraved, back blade with concave mirror approach, 
scales black buffalo horn ~ New ~ $260 

Ginger's Gardens ~ noir de noir type Agran Shaving cream and Splash ~ New ~ $27

Wholly Kaw ~ Pasha's Pride, King of Bourbon Used 4 times ~ $14 each, Dance of Agrumes Used 5 times ~ $11 

CRSW ~ Bay rum, Summer Rose Used once or twice, Extro Cosmesi ~ Del Don New, Ariana & Evans ~ Uno
Timeless Razors ~ Titanium 95 Solid Bar, Smooth cap, anodized no presentation box, Barrister and Mann ~ Serville Reserve Soap & Splash Used twice SOLD

[Image: 2ndnsnJ.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20200910-001118.jpg][Image: IMG-0075.jpg]

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