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Multiple items free shipped. One item Standard USPS shipping add $4.00

Eufros Gea ~ used a handful of times ~ $15

Zoologist Civet ~ used once ~ $25

CRSW Select Le Chypre Sombre used a handful of times ~ $12

CRSW Oliva ~Summer rose, Honeywood, Colonia Mediterrania,  used once $12 each

Muhle Sophist Buffalo Horn 4 Piece Safety Razor Set ~ $250

Grooming dept.~ Verbrannt, Chypre Conifere, Incense Rose ~$20 each

Wholly kaw samples ~ Unused New Pashas Pride, Fern Concerto, Project Leather, King of Bourbon, Monaco Royale, La Fougere Parfaite, Cuero Oscuro,  Used Slightly Grooming Dept Tao, Kind of oud, Oleo samples Don Luis, Empire ~ $20

[Eufros Zanzibar
CRSW Select Citrus  
CRSW Select Citron, Lavish
AOS Sandalwood ~ Valobra tallow with with bowl TRADED

Looking to trade for CRSW Summertime 2018 LE and Glide ~ Phoenix Artisan accouterment - Cad, High Jump aftershave ~ Any Wholly Kaw Fougere bouquet product, king of oud soap, Washington blend ~ Tallow & Steel Madagascar and west indies  ~ Barrister & Mann Seville soap and aftershave reserve base.

[Image: 20180610-162931.jpg]

[Image: 20181211-084853.jpg]

[Image: 20181211-092234.jpg]

[Image: 20171004-205326-2-zpsgem4etbf.jpg]
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Any LpL Oud or Apricot to trade, MdC Rose? How much, 5 grams or?

Edit: I have a puck of Valobra Patchouly.
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