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Portland, OR
4 oz. pucks:
Mystic Water Oatmeal Stout, used 3x
Mystic Water White Tea and Ginger, used 2x

Grooming Dept Neroli Di Bois, 1.2 oz.
Mickey Lee Soapworks Kraken, 0.9 oz.
Wet Shaving Products Ol’ Kentucky (tallow), 1.2 oz.

$24 shipped, CONUS, and PayPal. Please just PM, as I won’t be monitoring the thread.

Omega 80267 24mm boar. This is a throw in (if you’re interested)– well used with some partial bristle loss top center.  Handle has two hairline cracks on opposite sides of the top. Performs fine.

[Image: f4hULqa.jpg]
[Image: ITX9HIv.jpg]
[Image: s3YzxCA.jpg]

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