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Hi DFS! I have the following software available for immediate shipping

Sudsey Soapery Tallow uplift - $10
Lathered 3 times

Ariana and Evans Asian Pear - $12
Lathered 2-4 times

B&M Cologne Russe set - $32
Soap lathered twice and splash used 3 times.

Levels are as shown in photos. Unfortunately soaps are expensive to ship, so please add $5 for usps shipping for each tub, and with the B&M set please add $7 for usps shipping.

Please add 3% for PP G&S. International buyers to pay actual shipping cost.

[Image: 99c9f7ecd80d7ab03b9a9dcf42b8cd57.jpg][Image: 5634ca7f6b2a72c590a649f3dcafa54f.jpg][Image: eb581889771d336c477f695831dc1c18.jpg]

I think you mean Asian Plum not Pear for the A&E soap.
On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.
(09-11-2018, 01:03 PM)MattM97 Wrote: I think you mean Asian Plum not Pear for the A&E soap.

Yes thank you! Is Asian pear season at home and my kids are obsessed.

Offers are encouraged as well folks
Asian Plum sold
Willing to trade the B&M set for any of the reserve line except for Lavender.
Sudsey - $13 shipped

B&M set - $32 shipped

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