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A quick post to sell a few doubles of my premium soaps to open some space for new Grooming Dept releases. Would like to sell as a lot to reduce postage, but if you are willing to pay $6 flat per soap, I can ship them individually. All soaps were lathered 2-3 times, except for Eufros, which is new. Total retail price for all soaps is around $200. I am asking $125 delivered CONUS. Please let me know if interested.

The Grooming Dept soaps are  SOLD. The remaining lot is $66 shipped CONUS

A&E Vetiver Magnifique
1912 - Parma Violet

[Image: YqiI1y4.jpg]

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Grooming Dept Sold

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What’s the scent profile on the kolnische?
Kölnisch (Vegan): Lime, Petitgrain, Litsea Cubeba, Lavender, Benzoin, Oakmoss, Patchouli

Peachtree City, GA
Kolnisch like a keylime pie hitting your face

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Millbrae - CA
(10-19-2017, 03:48 AM)DanLaw Wrote: Kolnisch like a keylime pie hitting your face

It's coming back in the new base/upgrade. I should quote you on that Smile

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Take the remaining six soaps for $77 delivered CONUS
Price reduced to $69

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