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Philadelphia, PA
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Have some stuff that hasn't seen use in a while or stuff that I'm not too keen on the scent.  All prices include shipping.

The Club Chasing the Dragon soap & aftershave.  Both are brand new.  Will not separate the set.  $30

[Image: Ru0m9o8.jpg]

[Image: bqPNydW.jpg]

Mickey Lee Soapworks.  Probably used less than 10x.  $12

Tallow + Steel Sicily soap & aftershave.  Both the soap & aftershave probably have 2-3 uses on them.  Will not separate the set.  $33

PAA Doppelganger Green Label (Paco Rabanne Pour Homme).  Used 1x.  The scent just isn't for me.  $10

[Image: PLp7osK.jpg]

[Image: auT7kAA.jpg]

[Image: y6gGgAl.jpg]


Original razorock XXX. Probably about 60-70%+ left. $15 SOLD

Razorock Santa Maria Del Fiore. 80%+. $15 SOLD

[Image: cbnEfzv.jpg]

[Image: qMhVjJc.jpg]

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Philadelphia, PA
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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