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Good Afternoon,

I have a few items for sale today. Looking to help fund another purchase. Payment will be through PayPal and I will only ship to the United States. Some of you international guys like to use forwarder services. That’s fine, but I’m not responsible for the item after it’s delivered to the US address. Any questions or concerns about that please feel free to PM me.

Soap - each soap is $10 plus $5 shipping for a total of $15. The first picture has the used soaps. The second picture all the soaps are new.

[Image: LGSJljS.jpg]

[Image: cAnttxC.jpg]

Note: Talbot Valley of Fire is the soap at the bottom. I took it out of its original container for easier loading. It’s been used 2 times. Jacinthe has been used about 6-7 times, the others no more than 3.

[Image: uDD8avS.jpg]

[Image: JlTLEP9.jpg]

RazorRock Game Changer with .68 and .84 plates/HD Handle- Used the .84 plate once. $80 shipped

[Image: YEewXVv.jpg]

[Image: 6iw9Uk3.jpg]

Declaration B5 Knot in WildWest Brushworks Handle - Used 4 times - $175 Shipped

26mm Knot and handle was drilled to a depth of 15mm

[Image: saD96Qa.jpg]

[Image: ORWcWat.jpg]

[Image: nY4WYnP.jpg]

*** Sold ***

B5 Brush
Game Changer
Flying Mango

**Take the Lot**

$100 takes everything that’s left. I’ll throw in a Synthetic Brush and some Gillette Spoilers. Maybe some other items as well. Here’s a pic with what’s left. Flying Mango not included as it is sold.

[Image: 7yTbuI0.jpg]
I'd like the Talbot soap. Please send me payment info!
pm sent!
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Lots of PM’s coming in so give me some time to go through them. I’ll update the thread with items that have been sold. Thanks for the interest.

See bottom of original post for items that have been sold. Thank you!
On the soaps, is it $5 shipping on each tub if you want more than one, or combined shipping for multiples?

Lots of great stuff!
(09-23-2018, 08:55 PM)jesseix Wrote: On the soaps, is it $5 shipping on each tub if you want more than one, or combined shipping for multiples?

Lots of great stuff!

It’s $5 a soap but PM me with what you’re interested in and we can discuss.
Awesome guy. Buy with confidence!

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Thanks Justin
(09-23-2018, 06:46 PM)ikkozilla Wrote: pm sent!

I never received a PM from you. Please send again if there’s something you’re interested in.
Lowered the lot price to $115 for the remaining soap.

Please note that the flying mango has been sold.

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