Greetings gents!

Have 3 Soap Lots I am looking to part with to help get some funds for my new home I just purchased! Big Grin

All soaps are either new/used 1x for test lather/scent unless stated otherwise and pricing includes shipping CONUS.

Lot 1 $ 80
B&M - Soapmakers of Awesometown
Lather Bros - Flora Colossus Soap & Balm
Queen Charlotte Soaps - Esquire
Phoenix & Beau - Imperial Rum
Wholly Kaw - Jamestown Gentleman

[Image: Ac7d5Pa.jpg]

Lot 2 - $75
B&M - Hallows
Soap Smooth - Lyon
Catties Bubbles - LPV (2 oz Version)
Soap Commander - Refreshment Soap & Balm
Local Gent Shaving Co - Anubis

[Image: sJO4F1S.jpg]

Lot 3 - $15
B&M - Latha (90%)
Razorock - The Stallion
Misc. Samples

[Image: PnC20j6.jpg]

Lot 4 - $150
5/8 Dubl Duck Goldedge - Shave Ready
RocStrop 3" Strop /w Micro-abrasive

Extra Photos in Album

[Image: gGR5rev.jpg]

Would you be willing to mix up some of the bundles? I'm interested in the Hallows, awesometown, and flora set? Thank you.

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