2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!

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I have a few things for sell today. Payment through PayPal and shipping is conus only. Please PM with any questions. Thanks for looking.

Soap Lot - All new, $75 Shipped ** Sold **

Grooming Dept Soap
Grooming Dept NYChypre
Barrister and Mann Soap and Splash Saeryan

[Image: jTm3GFP.jpg]

[Image: zCqUiDZ.jpg]

Timeless Aluminum Razor Set - Used once. $65 Shipped ** SOLD **

[Image: cTLTbEq.jpg]

[Image: xvmnGbp.jpg]

Above the Tie Aluminum R1 and R2 with Stand - Used R1 plate 4-5 times. $100 shipped 

[Image: WSEguvM.jpg]

[Image: W8OmZAV.jpg]

[Image: 9vMf2S7.jpg]
This post has been up for 9 minutes and I’ve already received multiple low ball offers on items that are already discounted. Lowball offers will be ignored going forward. Thank you for looking.

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Happens with ALMOST everything listed on these forums.

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Sunday morning bump

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