DFS Movember Lot #2 is now live!! Read more here!!


Ferndale, MI
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I got some stuff that I'm tired of looking at and not using so it needs to go! Everything you see in the pictures $50 $40 $30 shipped CONUS only, PayPal fees included. Thanks for looking!


Mike's Natural Lavandin & Eucalyptus - used 5x
CRSW GLIDE Fragile Confusion - used 3x
Soap Commander Love (true rose) - about 60% remaining of 6 oz. tub
Barrister and Mann First Snow - used 2x, scooped once
Top left container is about 2-3 oz. of Haslinger Schafmilch (tallow) in a B&M jar


Gillette triangle slot Tech with bakelite handle
Brand new AP Shave Co. 30mm Tuxedo knot

[Image: svs094g.jpg]

[Image: SrJblaT.jpg]

[Image: E1iI17A.jpg]
- Jeff

Ferndale, MI
First Snow and Tech sold. Reduced price for the rest of the lot. PM me if you're interested in individual items.
- Jeff

Ferndale, MI
BUMP with price drop.
- Jeff

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