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Looking to sell this as a lot only with Canadian/US shipping. Lots of great stuff; some of which are no longer available. Perfect for someone just getting into wet shaving. Take it all for 110.00 USD shipped.

Items included:

Myrsol Plastic AS
Asylum Frankincense and Myrrh
Asylum Neroli and Black Pepper
HTGAM Meta Nectar Soap and Balm 80%
Barrister and Mann Sinfonia Soap and Splash 95%
Barrister and Mann Eventide Soap and Splash 95%
Barrister and Mann Latha Le Petit Chypre 90%
Saponificio Tunda Artica Splash 95%
Mystic Water Raspberry Lemon Soap (new formulation)80 %
LPL OUD and Santal Tallow Soap-used once
CRSW Coconut and Lime-used once
Razorock Don Marco Soap and Balm -50%
Razorock XXX Soap and Balm 90%
Razorock Zi Peppino Soap and Balm 90%
Razorock irish countryside and IB GIT splash 95%

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Fantastic lot, Carmine. Unbelievable price. GLWTS.
I might fly up north of the border to grab this!
Lot has been traded .

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