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Northern VA
Recently made some brush and razor acquisitions so need to do some den clearing. This Simpson TSN LE brush is in excellent condition and has served me well for many years. The Manchurian badger hair offers a great balance of softness, backbone and scrub. Works well with both soaps and creams.

Knot: 22mm. Loft Height: 48mm. Handle: Faux Horn. No shedding issues whatsoever.

The item ships in the original box, wrapped with the tissue it came in, and the original instructions leaflet.

Price $145 (inclusive of shipping for CONUS)

[Image: 3tusrgI.jpg]

[Image: kjWM1wg.jpg]

[Image: 7BpKVFP.jpg]

[Image: y2R7oLh.jpg]

[Image: UCuz1pV.jpg]

[Image: TalbGq9.jpg]

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