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Here are couple items that do not work for me. Perhaps they will work for you. The prices include U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine. No trades, please. Thanks.

I have had the Simpson Polo 8 in super badger for a while, but used it a handful of times, if that. It's a great brush with about a 26mm knot set to a 50mm loft. The brush is dense with good backbone and soft tips. If you like a brush that is robust in every way, this should be yours. Unfortunately, it is a wee bit too much for me. The brush is in near mint condition. New, the Polo 8 in "super" badger costs about $192. Your price is $135. (SOLD)
[Image: xU2oXQB.jpg]

This Razorock Baby Smooth is in near mint condition. I've used the razor three or four times, so it is in near mint condition. This is a fine shaver, but it is a wee too aggressive for me. New, the razor cost $39.99. Your price is $30.   $25 SOLD
[Image: yIEKeai.jpg]
The Simpson Polo is sold. The RazoRock Baby Smooth is still available. Thanks.
The Simpson Polo is sold. I have a reduced price to $25 for the near mint RazoRock Baby Smooth.

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