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Gentlemen, I have some more razors, handles and a brush I will be rotating out of my shaving den.

Prices will include shipping within the US. I will ship Internationally, but there will be a slight increase in cost for the difference in shipping.

If using Paypal please add 3.5%. I also can use VENMO (Preferred) for there are no fees.

I will consider trades as well. Looking for:

1) B&R Adjustable Titanium Coated
2) Tradere OC (Gen 2)
3) Rocnel Sailor (Gen 2)

Please PM me if you would like additional pictures. Thanks!!  

1) Simpson Emperor E3 in Manchurain - $175.00 - $160.00
[Image: I742UO8.jpg]
[Image: ns4Bamh.jpg]

2) IKON Standard B1 in DLC - $160.00 - $150.00
[Image: byLpmjj.jpg]
[Image: nU7KcpB.jpg]

3) IKON Slant in DLC with Special Edition Handle - $150.00 - $140.00
[Image: kMTSb7r.jpg]
[Image: XLSBEg5.jpg]

4) Holy Black SR-71 - $40 - SOLD
[Image: Jah3Dsc.jpg]
[Image: NwC42sM.jpg]

5) Timeless .68 Open Comb w/ 100mm Barberpole Handle- $195.00 - $175.00
[Image: jZIz8MK.jpg]
[Image: nClGz3d.jpg]

6) Timeless .68 Safety Bar and Scalloped w/ 100mm Plaid Handle - $245.00 - $225.00
[Image: dNJkDfE.jpg]
[Image: My92drC.jpg]

7) Rockwell 6S - $85.00 - $75.00
[Image: VFNftiK.jpg]
[Image: qWkudT3.jpg]

8) Leresche 77 w/ Case - $300 (Super Rare and in some corners thought of as one of the best shavers of all times).
[Image: xdOydwX.jpg]
[Image: O91R2sj.jpg]

9) UFO Little Titan in Titanium - $175.00 - SOLD
[Image: xiIVvGQ.jpg]

10) UFO Colibri in 316L Stainless Steel - $150.00 - SOLD
[Image: TxM9E0g.jpg]

11) Paradigm Box - $15 (No stuffing)----for those who want to make there 17-4 or Titanium complete Smile
[Image: I1vOh9P.jpg]

Seattle, WA (USA)
More pictures of the Leresche please.
My pleasure!

[Image: q3BVOHC.jpg]
[Image: pVVxswq.jpg]

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Redwood City
Is the SR-71 all stainless or just handle? I remember the Sr-71 slant being made of brass

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The SR-71 is all stainless.
Bump w/ some price reductions.

Ferndale, MI
(12-08-2018, 11:04 PM)cobrapilot29 Wrote: The SR-71 is all stainless.

No, it's not. Only the handle is stainless, head is zamak.
- Jeff

Philadelphia, PA
the Leresche head is wild looking!
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