How did I end up with tall this stuff? I have ample shaving travel stuff and do not need these. Perhaps you can use them. The prices include U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine; no trades, please. Thanks.

OneBlade leather razor travel case. New and unused. It's quite functional for your OneBlade razor, Genesis or Core, or for other safety razors. New, the price is $39.95, although OneBlade has it on sale now for $29.95. Your price is $25.
[Image: jQuHuHa.jpg]
[Image: xtmNrh4.jpg]

Parker safety razor and blades travel pack. The material is faux leather. I have used it for one trip. I have others and don't need this. I think I paid around $25 plus shipping. Your price is $20 shipped. Oh, by way, razor and the blades not included.
[Image: lsjo9RH.jpg]
[Image: aFQKE3R.jpg]

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