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For sale :

Conus , PayPal/Venmo only.Prices including shipping with tracking number

All brushes have been used gently and no shedders.If my prices are too high , please let me know.

-Vie Long Epsilon's Made in Spain 2 band badger. No longer made since the new ones aren't made by Vie Long.26 mm knot 55 mm loft.Asking 120 dollars for it

-Vie Long Epsilon's Made in Spain 3 band badger.No longer made by Vie Long.Amazing , superb 3 badger band hair.Hard to find something natural as soft on the tips and such a great flow and backbone.26 mm knot and 50 mm loft.Asking 130 dollars for it.

-shavemac 2015 foroafeitado 2 band silvertip badger.Extra soft tips , fan shaped with kind of gel alike with a 24 mm knot and 48 mm loft.Excellent backbone.Asking 115 dollars for it.

-shavemac custom 2 band silvertip hair.Fan shaped with a 26 mm knot with extra hair (I requested that to Bernd) and 53 mm loft.Approx 105 mm tall.Asking 135 dollars for it.

-shavemac custom 2 band silvertip hair brush.This is an extra packed with hair brush , fan shaped knot and a knot of 26 mm with 55 mm loft.Its around 110 mm tall.Perfect for bowl lathering too.Asking 135 dollars for it.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: Ug8rxB3.jpg]

[Image: FK8LfWy.jpg]

[Image: 2cHIr7v.jpg]

[Image: 42ShlNb.jpg]

[Image: LYDcC53.jpg]

[Image: 2jVaWFF.jpg]

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Just asking for reference on the Epsilon brushes, but do you have the source of where they are no longer making those? The ones on giftsandcare.com there are Epsilon's that are cheaper that do not have Made in Spain, and ones with pictures showing on the handle Made in Spain. I had asked them about this awhile back, and I didn't get the impression Vie-long would no longer make any brushes for the Epsilon brand.

Good luck with the sale too! All excellent brushes, and Teiste takes well care of his brushes. I've bought a few in the past and is great to buy from. Those two colored Shavemac handles are some of my favorite handles in terms of the shape!

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My friend :

No , Vie Long doesn’t make the Épsilon range anymore for Gifts and Care.The handles are sourced from one maker and the knots from another , some Chinese some from Germany.

But the new Épsilon range is not longer fully made in Spain

Hope you’re well !

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That is truly a shame for the Epsilon brushes. That was a great combination there. One of the rare brushes that could challenge Chubby density, frankly outdoes chubby density to me given you go with the 50mm loft, and even came close to the density of Rooney's 3-band Heritage. All of that with somehow retaining slightly better flow than either of the two.

I am doing well and hope you're doing well too Teiste!

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