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Downsizing the den and I have two very nice brushes on offer today.
[Image: ToHKxft.jpg]

1) 28mm Shavemac M2 with Bernard's extra dense 'unique' bulb knot. Absolutely gorgeous!
** SOLD **
[Image: 5s9Y2J9.jpg]
[Image: u6oWVuM.jpg]
[Image: szZpTtA.jpg]

2) Rudy Vey custom handle with a 22mm Shavemac D01 knot. Very nice scraggly tips and great all around knot.
$80 to your door (CONUS / Canada)
[Image: ED6pgPP.jpg]
[Image: RBIE0Nj.jpg]
[Image: nC1zh1o.jpg]

Thx for looking!

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The Shavemac has SOLD.
Price drop to $85 for the Rudy Vey! This is a really nice brush and if I didn't prefer bigger knots I would definitely be keeping it in my den.

I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
I've never seen a shavemac knot like that! Did he do anymore of those??

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