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For sale this beatiful Ebonite, 26x50mm D01 2B, in mint condition.
With original box
Shipping included from Spain with track number.
PayPal for payment.
175 $

Thanks for looking [Image: e351370736b180e898ae4e96d1b0964c.jpg][Image: 3fbaa3e57555c97196ff717c9596a6a3.jpg][Image: 15ee19ec673cddc7958f92ffecc5b3e9.jpg][Image: 9839e0944036b1fadfbcd6482bac6e0d.jpg]

Enviado desde mi CLT-L29 mediante Tapatalk

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Brush IS SOLD.

Enviado desde mi CLT-L29 mediante Tapatalk

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Gotta love the look of a D01 2-band but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t take like five years to break in. I kid… kind of.

Beautiful brush, congratulations to both of you!


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