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All razors have been cleaned & disinfected and all brushes have been cleaned in a Borox Solution. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see more pictures. All orders will be assessed a $5 shipping fee regardless of size/items bought.

RAZORS - (Listed from Left to Right)
Merkur Futur - $40
Merkur 20C (Black Barber Pole) 2 Piece - $30
Merkur 23C, 3 Piece, (Long Handle) - $15
Merkur 34C - $20
Phoenix Symmetry Open Comb - $15
RazoRock Mamba - $25 (SOLD)  
RazoRock German 37 Slant Razor (Bamboo Handle) - $10
RazoRock Stealth Slant - $50  (SOLD)
Standard Razor - $30
Parker 96R Butterfly Razor - $15
[Image: bFOzOFa.jpg]

Shaving Brushes - (Listed from Left to Right)

Maggard 26mm Synthetic Badger, Granite Handle $5 (SOLD)
Phoenix Atomic Rocket - $5 (SOLD)
Maggard 24mm Synthetic Badger, Purple Swirl Handle - $5 (SOLD)
Maggard 24mm Synthetic Badger, Olive handle - $5 (SOLD)
Grooming Company Synthetic Badger, green & yellow swirl handle - $25
Maggard 24mm Black Synthetic, Bronze Handle- $5 (SOLD)
Omega Synthetic - $5
[Image: lzwqpuh.jpg]

Parker Pure Badger Brush + Art of Shaving Pure Badger Brush + Crabtree & Evelyn Pure Badger - $10 for all three
[Image: CYIKAbd.jpg]

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Sorry, shipping to Continental US Only

Palmerton, PA
I am intrested in a razor or 2
BUMP. Also considering selling my ATT SE1 Head + ATT Bamboo handle for $150 +$5 Shipping. Excellent condition and only used a handful of times. Please PM for more pictures if interested.

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